ZTW Gecko Series 155A SBEC 8A Electronic Speed Control

ZTW Gecko Series 155A SBEC 8A Electronic Speed Control
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1. Output: Continuous Current 155A ,Burst Current 200A for 10 seconds
2. Battery : 5-18NC/2-6Lipo
3. Weight: 130g
4. BEC: 5.0V, 6.0V , 7.4V, 8.4V adjustable/8A
5. Size: 46*65*16.6mm(W*L*H)
1. Unique metal shape designing gives your new fashion visual impact.
2. Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
3. Support and match with most of the motors, including high RPM motors
4. Advanced Governor Mode and soft start
5. Multiple motor timing
6. SBEC Voltage Output 5.0, 6.0, 7.4, 8.4V adjustable
7. High SBEC Current Output, continuous 8A and burst 16A
8. Power arm protection, over-heat protection, low-voltage protection and lost-signal protection
9. Secondarysub-menu setting by LCD program card or PC interface
10. Firmware updating by PC interface
11. Data logging system

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