ZTW Gecko Series Programming Card

ZTW Gecko Series Programming Card
Product Code: ZTW-Gecko-CARD
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This LCD screen card can be used to program all ZTW Gecko Series brushless ESCs quickly and easily. 
Note: ONLY compatible with ZTW Gecko Series ESCs. Cannot be used to program other ZTW ESCs. 

•Easily set programming parameters without the use of your transmitter.
•Parameters are displayed on the LCD screen for ease of use.
•Includes USB PC interface for data logging & updating ESC firmware.

Dimension: 91mm x 54mm x 18mm
Weight: 68g
Power supply: DC 5.0V~12.0V

Programmable Options:
•Brake setting (off / soft / mid / hard -- default: off)
•Battery type: (Ni-XX / LiPo / LiFe -- default: LiPo auto detect)
•Cut-off voltage threshold (2.8V 50% / 3.0V 60% / 3.2V 65% / No protection -- default: 3.0V 60%)
•Factory default setup reset
•Timing settings (auto / 2° / 8° / 15° / 22° / 30° -- default: auto)
•SBEC Voltage Output (5.0v / 6.0v / 7.4v / 8.4v -- default: 5.0v)
•Governor mode: (RPM off / 1st Soft Start / 2nd Soft Start / Gov Mode 1 / Gov Mode 2 -- default: RPM off)
•Motor rotation: (forward / reverse -- default: forward)
•Start up (Low / Mid / High-- default: 30%)
•LVC cut-off type: (reduce gradually / cut-off -- default: reduce gradually)

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