TP 4050-CM 2300KV (8S)

TP 4050-CM 2300KV (8S)
Product Code: TP 4050-CM (2300KV)
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TP Power motors are made of the best materials that are available, and have high efficiencies (>90%) required for the most demanding applications.The TP 4050-CM Series is a more powerful version of the regular 4050 series motor, with 80K max burst RPM. 


Can: Smooth

Winding: 6D

KV: 2300

Max Amps (A): 

Max Volt (V): 

Continuous Power (W): 2500

Max Power (W): 4100 for 10 seconds

Max RPM: 80 K for 10 seconds

Internal Resistance (Ohm): 0.0042

No-load Current (A): 

Shaft Diameter (mm): 5mm in stock (8mm built on order)

Diameter X Length (mm): 40 X 82

Output Shaft Length (mm): 18

Bolt Pattern: 4 - M4 - 25mm

Weight: 475 g

Pole: 4-pole 

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